MuseScore Songbook - Sheet Music App Reviews

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Great for practicing!

In App Capabilities

The app seems great and is very versatile. I think it would be easier to allow creation of music scores on the app. I would then re-download it and use it.

Great app!

This is a very useful app for keeping track of scores, but is currently unable to do much else. When composition is added, this will truly be an amazing app

Pretty good

Pretty good app if you like to listen to classical music and video game music. Im an amateur composer myself so thats partially why I use it.

Best app for music sheet

Im a casual piano player. I learned piano when I was growing up but stop due to other school activities. Recently I started playing again and very happy with the app. I dont have to buy music sheet & can adjust the tempo based on my learning curve. It will be much better if the tempo can be adjusted manually instead of 3 settings.

Good for listening

Playback controls very easy and ability to change keys is superb. No editing capability at all, and difficult to move Dropbox songs into the program on my iPad.

Want my money back

I bought the app to create and transpose music on my iPod, not to see what someone else did on their computer.

It has all the music that you can find but the sound of the instruments playing a song is not that good

Really good app

Love music by fellow people like me. Great app, a little laggy though.

Please make it so we can write music

I really love this app, but the one thing that is keeping me from giving a 5 star,(other than a few bugs sometimes) is that you cant write music on the app. I would really appreciate it if you could write music on the app. I know you can write music on the website, but my computer is down and I cant really do anything. So please make it so we can write music on here. I would love that. Thanks

Love it

Really great app its very convenient for finding music especially on Tuba. Would recommend.


Musescore is the best music app I have had so far. I have found so much great stuff from it, and it makes composing much easier as well.

Great for guitar student

I am a beginning classical guitar student. The book I am using (Shearer) includes a lot of duets. I use Musescore to enter the teachers part. Its been great for that. Learning how to enter notation was pretty easy and so far, the replay sound is better than some other apps I have tried. I do wish for the ability to enter notation via the ipad app. Still five stars in the meantime.

MuseScore Songbook

This program Is great for learning songs. It would be nice to have an score editor available sometimes...

Piece of junk

Nothing like the software. You cannot write music with it. I want my money back.

Fantastic Musicians App

As a musician, you are going to love this app. Its great for practicing and improving as a player.

A must for musicians!

There is not a day that goes by that I am not using this app. It is amazing and inspiring to read and play all the music that is in this comunity.

Great Tool for learning

This is a terrific app. You can listen, play one part, alter tempo and key. Easy to learn as well.

Probably a good app?

Im not sure as I cant create an account in the app since every time its try another password/email. Have used every possible combo I can think off. Hopefully this is an issue that will be resolved so I can play something other than the free "Amazing Grace" cover.

Good app

A good app, although it would be nice if it supported file sharing in iTunes. Also, the app reformats the score somewhat, combining multi measure rests, for instance.

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