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MuseScore Songbook - Sheet Music app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 4464 ratings )
Music Education
Developer: MuseScore BVBA
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.13, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 20 Mar 2014
App size: 82.33 Mb

MuseScore Songbook lets you play and practise more sheet music at home or on the go.

Find and discover new sheet music. Boost your practice by listening to the notes and change the tempo. Play or sing along using the parts mixer.

While the app has no functionality to notate music, creating and adding your own scores can be done using the free MuseScore notation software for desktop.

Main features:
* Listen to the sheet music
* Select parts to be displayed
* Select parts to be played
* Original score layout
* Staff resize
* Transpose
* Open MuseScore (.mscz) files via Dropbox, email, browser
* Online access to sheet music shared by the community
* Download sheet music for offline usage to built-in library
* Multitrack playback with volume control
* Real time adjustable tempo
* Metronome with volume control

MuseScore Songbook requires iOS 7 or later and is supported on these devices:
- iPhone 4 and later
- iPod Touch 5th and later generations
- iPad 2 and later
- iPad Mini

By purchasing this app, you support the future development of the free and open source music notation software MuseScore. Thank you!


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Q Can I notate music with this app?
A No, you can not. To notate music, use the free notation software available on

Q Can I open my own .mscz files with this app?
A You can open files from email, Dropbox, websites etc...

Q Why do I need to pay for this app while MuseScore for desktop is free?
A Your purchase is used to fund the open source development of the music notation software MuseScore and keep it free.


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Pros and cons of MuseScore Songbook - Sheet Music app for iPhone and iPad

MuseScore Songbook - Sheet Music app good for

This is a very useful app for keeping track of scores, but is currently unable to do much else. When composition is added, this will truly be an amazing app
Pretty good app if you like to listen to classical music and video game music. Im an amateur composer myself so thats partially why I use it.
Im a casual piano player. I learned piano when I was growing up but stop due to other school activities. Recently I started playing again and very happy with the app. I dont have to buy music sheet & can adjust the tempo based on my learning curve. It will be much better if the tempo can be adjusted manually instead of 3 settings.
Playback controls very easy and ability to change keys is superb. No editing capability at all, and difficult to move Dropbox songs into the program on my iPad.
It has all the music that you can find but the sound of the instruments playing a song is not that good
Love music by fellow people like me. Great app, a little laggy though.

Some bad moments

I bought the app to create and transpose music on my iPod, not to see what someone else did on their computer.
Nothing like the software. You cannot write music with it. I want my money back.
Im not sure as I cant create an account in the app since every time its try another password/email. Have used every possible combo I can think off. Hopefully this is an issue that will be resolved so I can play something other than the free "Amazing Grace" cover.
The idea for this very good player, but for now very faint sound. Missing midi output.
I actually didnt really need this app but I bought it because I want to support Musescore. I use their desktop program all the time to write music and love it. I am hoping hoping hoping that some day Musescore will make their music notation program available on an app for the ipad so that is why I am funding this project. I want musescore to continue on because they are doing great things!
I use the desktop version of this app on a PC and love it. This "app" on the iphone for which I had the pleasure of paying good money for has little functionality. You cannot compose new scores or work on existing scores on the web. This appears to only be a very simple player for compositions already posted on the website. I want to support Musescore but this is a very sorry piece of software especially for the price.

Usually MuseScore Songbook - Sheet Music iOS app used & searched for

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