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Extremely glitchy, constantly restarting, but...

Negative: LOTS OF GLITCHES Even more glitches The coding for this app is HORRIBLE It's glitchy When zooming in all of the articulations move out of place It's also glitchy You have the restart the app if your changing the settings It can be glitchy Doesn't have filter settings for popular music Did I mention it was glitchy? It costs money for this glitchy app Positive: Very convenient I don't have to print the music to play it, I just set up my iPad It has a lot of original works, which I love It's a breeding ground of creativity It's the first community that doesn't really have a toxic community Very organized Would I recommend it? Yeah, but if you're on a budget, no It's also glitchy


It took me a few minutes to learn but I found it easier as I went along to input notes and draw from the palettes. This app is fairly intuitive. I enjoyed my first scoring experience and will continue to use Musescore.

Marching band percussion play as horn notes

I write music and looked drum cadences on the app, but in the app the notes play in a scale and you can’t turn the key signature off so it just plays as horn notes. The notes play properly on the web version.

Don't get

Can't write music, bad tone quality.


Its ok but you need to make 2.99 a month if you want to print. If you are a serious musician you would pay for it if your not its not worth it. With the 2.99 you can buy a 2 bottles of water for someone in Puerto Rico.

It's good

It's pretty good.


I personally wondered how to play the most catchy songs of this decade (Seven Nation Army and Freaks) until I found this and I didn't have to wonder anymore. Great App!!!!!!!!'

Love Musescore, hate the app

I love Musescore, I think it’s amazing how people can compose their own pieces for free and share them with everyone. However, I hate this app. This app is one of the most poorly optimized pieces of software I’ve ever seen. This app will frequently sign me out, freeze, and crash my phone. I love Musescore and it’s nice to be able to find sheet music anywhere I go, I just wish they would put the time in to fix all the bugs.


Just like the title says


Horrible audio, can't actually compose, awkward to use, waste of money.

Pretty Great!

This app is really great for when I want to stay connected on the go with other composers and arrangers. I just wish I could work on my own compositions since I can't control when inspiration hits me.

A Simply Awesome App!!!

I look forward to only getting better… and remaining the pound-for-pound "music scoring" champ.

Bueno Potato!

Bery nice. Feature full!

Help wont open

I keep tapping it pls help(puns)

Best app ever

This app lets make, learn , and discover new music best one out of everything

Super Cool!

Alright! With this app, your phone isn't going to turn off on you as you play your instrument! Finally! My phone often thinks I'm no longer using it when I don't press it every five minutes. So! This definitely solved my small dilemma. Another cool thing is that you can switch between transpositions, from A major to C major or any other major. (If my theory is wrong—it's probably cause I didn't study it that much). ( ;∀;) Though.... You can't print straight from this app. You'll have to login on the website, download the sheet as a PDF, then print it from there.

The best

Awesome stuff


I like very much this app. I use it for learning singing and it helped me a lot and served me as my accompany. But, I can't open it anymore after updating yesterday. Please help.

Was not what I was expecting

I bought this app because I wanted to compose music. The app description said composing was included since I could already get the music for free on the website. It was a total waste of money. If anyone is looking for the music and not the composing, DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!! Just go on the website, and you will get the same music. Overall I am very disappointed. I will not be recommending this app to anyone😠

Great app

This has been the best app I've used for playing piano

The best music app out there

It's the best music app you can get but the only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because of how frequently it kicks me out because it froze but other than that it's an amazing app


Works as expected.

Great app

It is great because i can search up virtually any song and it is there!


i play the piano and it has so many of the songs i love


I have been playing piano for three years and this app has helped like no other find sheet music that's difficult but extremely fun to learn and play. I would definitely consider getting MuseScore Pro because it allows you to print the sheet music (and very nicely, the notes are large but not large enough that it looks like a beginner piece) A definite 5/5 stars.

Good for reading music but not for writing it

The app says the app says, "Score Creation in this app is not available yet"


this app is so easy to use and great for all musicians!! there's sheet music for a variety of instruments, but i found musescore especially useful in my choir and as a pianist!! such a useful tool!!

Great music app

I've found MuseScore Songbook to be an excellent source for solo classical guitar scores both in terms of new music and as a learning aid. When you're not sure how something is supposed to sound, it's really helpful to be able to hear the piece.

Good not great

Great way to find lots of music without paying for every new sheet. 4 stars because searching for the desired song can be faulty and not follow filter specs. Definitely worth it while searching and learning

Not too bad

Great that new pieces are being added, however many are short. Longer items would be good


It works okay


the app crashes every time you try to open another score. should add more features like, creating/composing a score.

Can't notate music

I downloaded this app to notate music on my iPad. It can only open files created on a desktop. It cannot create files. This app is worthless.


Are use it to work my way through pieces that I need to learn. I can create my own score and then play it on the computer and that will help me learn a piece. Also, if you can start out with a blank piece of paper and compose a song and and up with a score. As you may know, GarageBand and other digital audio workstation's do not produce a score.

Good app but keeps crashing

I enjoy using this app but it keeps crashing every time I want to select a specific feature

An Amazing App!

I'm trying to learn songs on the penny whistle and this app is just what I needed! I can actually change key signatures on any song and decrease or increase the tempo as I'm learning the tune with or without a metronome! I love how it plays the tune along while I'm playing so I know how it's supposed to sound, which is helping me learn to read the music better! It's a game changer for me!!!


Really helpful when it comes to trying to find scores of songs you like, and with learning them as well!

Rehearse your part - Learn in record time

MuseScore makes rehearsing music fun and more productive once the basics of the program are learned.

Amazing tool for any musician

This app is all out fantastic. Isolate different parts of a score, adjust the tempo for easier learning, transpose the song into a different key. I swear by this app now, especially with its entire catalog of music!

Yay it's great

I love this app so much. It's really coolio.


I absolutely love musescore! I have a pro account and mostly use the computer version to write scores and such, but it's useful having the mobile version to listen to things I need to edit in a song, or just listen in general! One thing that I must say is the audio in the app is a lot more electric and unnatural sounding, but it's not a huge issue :3 My musescore is Undertale__Otaku !

Muscore Rating

Best music software I've ever found. I think it's as good as Sibelius and easier to use. I'm very pleased with it. An excellent program!


This is a wonderful app!! When you can write music in the app, it'll be even better!!


Its such a nice app for those who want access to more music.

Big fan!!

I love this app for learning songs. It's packed with features I need and truly delivers!

11/10: Love it

Best music app ever

Loved the desktop version love the app more

Simple transpose repeat sharing scores ability to download and upload everthing i need thank you for putting together such a great app

Not Worth Money!

All this app allows you to do is view scores you've previously used, and only if they're within this app! Not worth money unless you have a PC that you can use the Desktop version for!

Works great to play live

I edit all the scores on my desktop, upload them to Google Drive, and import them into this app. It works great!

Fix Bugs

You need to fix some bugs

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