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Thank you! Really loving all the new iOS updates

Do NOT upgrade to 2.03

After the developer claimed that the problem was fixed for the existing users, the music sheets I stored in the SongBook were still not restored. Developer, please fix! Thanks.

What happened?

So I used to love this app for searching new sheet music to play on the piano, however the lastest update has left the app effectively useless. All of my favorites will no longer open, new music will not display properly, or in some cases, even at all, and it asks me for my user name and password everytime I open the app. As much as much as it hurts me to say, I am now looking for a new sheet music solution.


Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE MuseScore, and I would support the app. But spending 6 dollars a month to DOWNLOAD sheet music through the app? What? Why should I have to pay 6 dollars monthly just to occasionally go on this app and play music I genuinely enjoy? I would rather download online. Other than that, it’s a good app. But seriously, what the hell musescore?

Such a shame

This most recent update broke a perfectly good app. Any saved pieces longer than 1 page are reduced to stems and flags on a staff. No notes at all after 1 to 2 lines. All of my downloaded pieces are unplayable. Will be looking elsewhere for something to practice my performance pieces with. I had recommended this app to others in my Orchestra, but no longer. Deleting and moving on.

Good app but not what you think

This app is not the same as the computer software. With that in mind this app will allow you to browse the scores (sheet music) of the online community of musescore. Overall I highly recommend this app for anyone looking for a song they have been desperate to try. And come on it’s free so...

This is a SUPER app!!

I’m trying the new version for the first time. I’ve used the older version for years. Yes, the older version locks up at times. But with so much enjoyment and ingenuity packed into this app, it still deserves 5 stars!

Not worth paying for. Still glitchy.

I had this on my iPad for free before and it was glitchy. When I went to reinstall, I found out it was a paid version I was glad to pay for an improved version. I am sorry that this company has decided to collect money and offer no improvements. The volume setting is very glitchy, resetting to full volume is you want to adjust a setting. As a paying customer (now a monthly charge) I would expect support. Shame on this greedy company for charging us money and offering no support in return. I’ll wait one more month to see if they get it together and if they do I’ll update my review.

The new update made it more broken than normal

I have been using MuseScore for a while and it has always been janky, but the new update has made it unusable. If a song is more than half a page long it messes up the bottom half and covers it up. Also sometimes if you search for a song it gets stuck refreshing leaving you unable to do anything but leave the app. Also it is still RIDICULOUS that you can’t make and edit music on this app. Please fix, or at least make usable.

My Teaching Lifesaver!

MuseScore has been an integral resource in my performance career and teaching career for over two years. Among my fellow symphony musicians and even with the children I teach, I am always receiving compliments for having great arrangements of wedding standards, that awkward love Song a bride wants that just Doesn’t work so I find a few arrangements on MuseScore and we end up with a very happy bride... or turning unexpected pop songs into string arrangements for students to play in orchestra... MuseScore is to thank for that! First, I discovered the countless free arrangements and compositions available- so many instrumentations; I’ve had many successful search results when I’m searching for hard to find repertoire, and even when I was not a paying member, I could benefit from the PDF files. Try printing from a guitar tab website for free! I explored more on MuseScore over the next few months, and I downloaded the composition software - to be politically correct, it is actually an open source music notation program. Also free! That was a game changer. This platform is very functional, and troubleshooting via the tutorial/faq is very effective and time saving. While I wish I could say I’m well-versed in computer programming and building computers like many of my friends, I usually have a more trial and error approach to my computer projects. But MuseScore’s composition software is so functional, even my flip-phone owning grandmother could “click her thumbs together three times” and type up “Amazing Grace” without giving up! Then I became a paying member. Now I can give the quartets with whom I play weddings Individual printed parts- I can download someone’s arrangement and transpose or change instrumentation. I can transpose a finished arrangement in about 2 seconds. MuseScore is a remarkable tool! Thank you to everyone who is behind this excellent resource.

New Update

Ever sense the most recent update I can’t access any of the sheet music or use anything else on the app.

My previously saved scores can’t open

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy finding music for what I would love to play on certain instruments. My only problem is that I’ve been using the app since before the layout update, and as for all of the scores I’ve saved before, every time I try to open one, it says the item is “temporarily unavailable”. That just blows because now I can’t play music from a saved score.

I love this app

This app is amazing, I have access to sheet music from my favorite video games and artists. Would rate this 10/10

Update is a collection of bugs rendering the app unusable.

Have to login EVERY time the app is opened. Most sheets don’t display correctly. Note tracking is not synchronized sometimes. And (this might not be new with update) the sounds are horrible compared to the website. The potential here is amazing but the app falls on way short after the update.

Great overall!

Note: I haven't used the new version just yet. With that in mind, this app is awesome. My only drawbacks would have to be that I wish it was more compatible with the apple pencil. I'd love to be able to write notes on the music itself. I also wish that I didnt have to go online to download and open the music in the app. Having more actual page magnification would be cool too, as its a bit awkward on the 10.5" ipad in portrait mode. Everything else is awesome tho! Thanks for the awesome app!

I Used to Love It

The newest update just blew it. The older design was far better. Now, some scores don’t load properly, I have to login every. time. I open the app, and it all around is just clunkier. However, the new zoom in/out update is good.

Terrible Experience

I purchased this around a month ago and the UI was dated but it still function properly. Now the UI has been updated however it doesn't properly load the scores and the tracking for the scores is off and it's ridiculous. Also to get rid of the top and bottom bars is ridiculous and it should be a different gesture to hid then or turn the page. Overall bad experience please fix this issues.


Newest update makes scores unreadable

The new look is awesome

I have used this app for two years now, it’s great for finding scores for music popular and not so well known as well as their variations

Unusable since the update

Can’t access any music saved to my songbook or favorites.

Down grade from previous version

This version, for me at least and I’ve been using it for a few years, is a serious downgrade. Sorry, I’m usually easy to please, but I’ve notated practice books that I can play from as I’m accustomed to. This version imported my Treble clef and Bass clef as piano music (one instrument), even though I didn’t join the 2 staffs. Now I can’t isolate the 2 clefs as independent parts. I was also able to import directly from DropBox, no more. The next issue I have is I’m not seeing any documentation to get my music into the My Music page, scores that I export from Files go into Songbook. I wouldn’t expect that. It’s usable, but not intuitive. Could there be a selection in Settings to establish a preferred print size? I can’t easily read the small notation and I have a few that I normally play from. For now I change them individually, but I have a few and planned on adding more.

Great until updates

I loved this app but these last updates made the app almost unusable and crap. Please fix!!

New update

I’ve used musescore for a very long time. It used to be functional and worked well, but now after this update that changed the whole set up of the app, it’s become impossible to use. It crashes every single time I try to open my scores and I can’t change the key at all. This needs to be fixed.

Update made it worse

The v1.13 version if the app is far better than this new one. I can’t even view some downloaded songs. Some of the songs that I can see don’t have the notes—it will jus show the note stems and not the head. The page turning mechanism is off. I like it better when the screen itself would change rather than it looking like a realistic page is turning. Also, there is a glitch whenever i try to resize the page. All in all, the overall layout has some major problems. I suggest a downgrade back to the normal one.

Nothing works

I can’t even view my sheet music anymore. Fix it NOW

It isn’t good with the update

The update has caused many lags and bugs

This latest version is screwed up

I want my old MuseScore v1.13 app back, the one that I had paid for before. I had formatted all my music for that application on my iPad so that I could play live and this version cannot display my music properly. It’s crazy. Now I cannot launch application off-line unless I’m connected to the Internet. This latest version is 100 times worse

Not great

I can't see the scores on my iPad 2. Works fine on my iPhone SE but would like to use my iPad 2.


Best music app ever


I’ve been using this platform for as long as I’ve been writing, and I’m so glad you guys came out with an app!

Needs Work

Good app on the go but crashes whenever I hit settings. Also crashes sometimes when I try to open the app.

Update made things worse

I’ve been using MuseScore since maybe January, and I finally bought the app in March, so I’ve been around since before the update. When I figured out it updated, I was confused, yet excited. There were a few things that needed to be fixed, but other than that it was ok. Now every score I try to use on this app either won’t load or is “temporarily unavailable”. Fix please.

Page turning mechanic

I’ve had this app for a while now, and loved it, but the recent update has changed how you can turn pages inside a score and made it much more difficult to do while playing. I much prefer the previous way of swiping the way you want the page to turn compared to the new way of tapping the screen and waiting for the animation to finish.


Muse score is basically the best app I've ever used to find music for different instruments. The ability to find music for different instruments makes it easy to put together little bands that can play together. The transposing button is awesome so you can change it to whatever key you want! The play button allows you to listen to how the score is supposed to be played giving you a place to start and sort of your own little teacher. You also have the option to print off scores, it's a little confusing, but worth the struggle. And the ability to write your own scores is awesome! They have an application that you can write music on and share with everyone!All in all, an awesome platform for writing and finding music!

new update is awful :(

I loved musescore.. before the update. Some songs won’t even open, and the notes are gone. Or the app just crashes straight away. Please fix this!!


My old songs won’t load and I can’t even open new ones, the update totally messed the app up and I can’t do anything, now it’s just a waste of money

Thank u

Thank u

Recent update ruined the app

I use musescore for my ensemble that I help run and ever since the update, we’ve been unable to import scores into the app, and when we can get the score through syncing with someone’s account, the score gets cut. Very disappointed, the app has been rendered useless. Would not recommend. Would be open to changing my review if they revert back to the old format.


I downloaded the app because of its many features, and while most of its score capabilities are great, the MAIN REASON I did the subscription was to be able to transpose scores to different keys if I needed to. IT CRASHES EVERY TIME YOU TRY TO EVEN OPEN THE MENU TO TRANSPOSE. It’s pretty useless to me now. Canceling that subscription immediately.

It used to work

Ever since the newest update when I try to play new music the screen wiggles a bit and will not allow me to press on the song of my choice. The app also shuts down if I try to change a key of a piece or the tempo. The newest update really ruined it so unless these problems get fixed the app is pretty worthless.

Unusable for Lute

The new version, even after 2 updates, is still unable to display French lute tablature and is therefore unusable to me. Not even the bars display properly. If I hadn’t paid my yearly fee I don’t think I would feel so burned by the app.

New Update is Terrible

The new update is terrible!!!!! The app keeps crashing and there I so many glitches. I can’t transpose, enlarge the music or make it smaller, use the parts mixer, basically ALL of the settings! Also, i downloaded a TON of music BEFORE this update. The new update eliminated the search bar, so HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FIND ANYTHING?!?!?! I’m not using this app again until these problems are fixed.

I prefer the older version of this app

I used the older version of this app It was nice The newer is better but for some reasons i prefer the last one I want to downgrade this to 6 months ago

Where'My Saved Music....

I had to use this app for a while, and when I log back in all but one song and I had saved, including Recording says cannot be reproduced, we're gone. In addition, I could not access features that I had used before, without paying for the pro version – possibly a second time. I am still waiting to see if I lost music is recovered. I am not happy. Also, The bar repeat feature is very clumsy, Awkward to use, and will only repeat a single bar. I don't think that's right. I should be able to set section to repeat.

Was good, but the recent update makes it unusable.

Constantly crashes when I try to adjust parts, some songs don’t work, sizing is messed up, etc. Not good anymore and I don’t plan on using the app until it gets fixed.

Crashes every time

I used to love this app. Now I can no longer play my music. App crashes every time I try to adjust volume on the parts. Can’t get it to work, period. Now it is useless to me, and I’m a Pro member. Grrr.


Before this update the app was AMAZING and I loved it to death. I’m an advanced pianist and I use this app every day. I take it on the go wherever there’s a piano. This means there usually wasn’t WiFi available so I downloaded the music to my songbook (thanks to the $2.99 one time purchase which is very efficient and blessed 10/10). I would proudly say I used MuseScore whenever someone asked where I got my sheet music. It was amazing and was my favorite app. I’m sorry, but this new update is worse than ever, the format is intimidating and bland and now you guys are just pulling even more money from people’s pockets. The notes are automatically zoomed out and tiny and it’s gonna be annoying to keep zooming in on the notes every time I open a piece of music. The quality itself just downgraded so badly I feel like I’m using iOS 6 and I’m taken back to the era of iPhone 4’s. I can’t download music to my songbook without the subscription- worse yet, more than half the songs downloaded to my songbook disappeared. 6.99 subscription every month? Come on, you’re kidding yourselves. I know you need to make some profit but subscriptions draw people away. Monthly or annual payments? What a shame. Please take it back to the previous system and formatting. It was PERFECT and was working GREAT before. There was absolutely no need to update this. Otherwise, I’m very upset and disappointed with the app I once adored. Please take this into consideration and fix it.


It’s way to glitch and lags


I enjoy using the app, but I love that you guys gave the features to people that have already bought your app for free.

Can’t Transpose/ Go into settings

I love the new update, its very sleek and refreshing to look at but anytime i try to transpose or tap the gear icon, the app closes on. Otherwise everything else is working well

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